The subject of the Project was the change of the irrigation system at the region of Konitsa with the replacement of the present surface gravity net by an underground pipe under pressure net. The project’s construction began at 23-07-13 and finished at 05-06-15.

Before the works started, the location and configuration of the construction site have been done and at the same time the installation of the necessary offices, warehouses, etc.

Analytically, the Project included the following works:

  • The removal of the present concrete-canals net
  • The construction of the main, capital, secondary and tertiary pipes of the Konitsa champaign’s irrigation system.
  • The assembling and placement of the net’s necessary function-devices and the installation of the corresponding manholes
  • The construction of two pump stations by the installation of the whole necessary electromechanical equipment and the replacement of the present equipment at the present pump station in the region of "Ipsili Zoni – Iliorrahi(A2)"

Offices: Polytechneiou 69, Pylaia, 55534, Thessaloniki
Warehouse: Echedoro, Municipality of Kallithea, 54500
Phone: 2310 334477 | Fax: 2310 334499 | E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.